September 12, 2017

Guide On How You Can Build And Enhance Collaboration With SharePoint

SharePoint is a powerful application that empowers teams with dynamic and productive sites for every department, division and project team. The application makes it easy to share files, resources, and news enabling team members inside and outside the organization to collaborate effortlessly and securely across Macs, mobile devices, and PCs. Therefore, SharePoint is the program of choice if you are looking build cohesion and inform employees throughout your organization intranet. When properly used, SharePoint can help improve efficiency in the organization by enabling businesses to share applications and common resources on portals. However, the challenge with SharePoint is in the installation and implementation.

Although the program is highly useful and effective for small and medium businesses, SharePoint was not initially designed for small businesses but corporations with many departments and teams that need collaboration. Therefore, for a small business to fully take advantage of the SharePoint, it will need to navigate the complicated installation process that requires the business to define its information architecture, subsite structure, site navigation, permissions setup, metadata configuration, external sharing and governance policy. There is much that can go wrong and thus, it is wise to start things on the right foot by hiring a SharePoint consulting Calgary to handle the installation process.

Another reason why it is wise to hire a SharePoint consulting Calgary expert is the fact that technology is ever changing. Since the application will be essential in the daily processes of your business, it is important to ensure that you are using the latest version. It is important to note that the 2013 version has features that are different from the 2007 version and hence, it is important to ensure that your business is using the latest version including other updates. The consultant will ensure that your business is using the latest version and even train employees on how to effectively take advantage of the latest updates to improve their productivity.

When choosing the best SharePoint consultant, you should ensure that the expert has multiple skills. Although it is impossible to find one person who understands everything about SharePoint, the best consultant company should have people with different skills to handle different aspects of the application. Using the right personnel can be the difference between inefficient deployment and efficient use. Due to the wide functions of the SharePoint, it is important to ensure that you clearly understand what your business needs before hiring the consultant.


Proper implementation of SharePoint requires not only the understanding of the technology but also all other relevant parts such as timetables, deliverables, and phases. Understanding all the aspects of your business needs will help the consultant understand the skills that you need as well as the necessary internal resources needed. Some of the things that you should consider staff and business needs, strategy and roadmap, structure and design, project scope and technical requirements.